Dear Visitor,

Thanks, for visiting my portfolio website, but currently I have a permanent job position, and I'm not taking contract jobs.

Key Skills / Experiences
XHTML / HTML5Template Engine experiences (Smarty)
CSS3, Webkit / Mozilla CSS AnimationsCSS Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap 2 & 3)
Responsive design (media queries)Targeting for mobile devices
Object Oriented PHPJavascript, Javascript frameworks (jQuery)
Create a template from given designSVN
SQLProject management (Redmine)
Work Experience
2012 July – 2013 October

Antavo Ltd. – Front End Developer

In the beginning, Antavo was just its internal project of INFINITIUM Studio Ltd. (mentioned below). Being our own project I was part of the development team from when I started my career at INFINITIUM Studio Ltd. After Antavo received funding from Seedcamp in 2012, soon it became a London based company, but the development continued in Szeged, Hungary. As Antavo grew and later became a separated company I worked half time in both companies.

  • As a part of an expanding company I learnt how to be a part of a team.
  • Enthusiasm for design was important as the team’s only front end developer.
  • Because of the enormous size and complexity of the project our work had to be precise and organized.
  • The editor, which was made for marketers had to be modern, therefore using the latest technologies was essential.
2011 August – 2013 October

INFINITIUM Studio Ltd. – Web Developer

My career started as a Web Developer at INFINITIUM Studio Ltd, a well established company based in Szeged with dozens of maintained websites. We used our own PHP Framework (which was developed over the years too), and delivered fast and reliable solutions to our customers.

  • I developed my customer service skills by taking calls and replying emails.
  • My responsibilities included keeping customers updated, replying to their inquiries and complaints, which improved my problem solving abilities.
  • I managed several projects on my own, which helped me learn prioritizing and to become independent in my work.

School of Business Hungary

Level 3 Webmaster (Computer Network Operator)

Tancsics Mihaly Secondary IT Vocational School

Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • I was always a fan of videogames, especially the puzzle and platform genres, because I like to tackle challenges, and achieve my goals.
  • Recently I became fond of detective stories, because of their mysteries and genius solutions. Even in my childhood I watched Columbo with my grandfather, and now I am reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  • In high school I watched a few animes, and even now I watch sometimes. My childhood friend is a part of the presidium of the Hungarian Anime Society (MAT), and she is part of the organizers of Hungary’s one of the biggest Anime conventions, the Animecon, which is held in every season. In the lastfew years I was a permanent part of the videogame section with the assembly of the consoles and helping the visitors with the videogames.